A guide to  online render services

Why should I switch to online rendering?

The use of render farms is not exclusively reserved to large animation studios. With the advent of cloud computing, it is now possible to render online for everyone. The computing power available on sites such as RebusFarm can be rented on a subscription basis. Online rendering has real benefits because it enables access to a way larger computing power. This allows companies to reduce expenses of the business in terms of investment (purchase of hardware and software) and recurring costs (space and electricity).

Render power through optimal hardware configuration

The main efficiency factors associated with rendering nodes are processing power and capacity in virtual memory. However, it is essential to ensure the homogeneity of the hardware configuration of each rendering node. A node with significantly lower functional capacity than the other is likely to slow down the whole process. Fortunately, RebusFarm shines as a provider of superior equipment powerful enough to offer a faultless production workflow. The company uses CPUs with high processing density for faster rendering turnaround which also reduces energy consumption.

The computational power of the nodes can also be increased by integrated graphics cards for additional hardware acceleration. Switching to online computation, you won't have to care about any of these things: RebusFarm offers you the Farminizer software to render online. Simply download the Farminizer software and you're ready to use the Rebus Render Farm. While rendering online, you can additionally use our mobile apps to survey your render jobs, thus boosting convenience and positive customer experience. You can easily interact with our online render farm and control your projects.

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