Guide to RebusFarm rendering service

Why should I switch to an online rendering service?

The need for a quality rendering service provider able to guarantee best rendering results can never be over-emphasized. RebusFarm steps up to the plate in this regard. Using the most advanced technology and practices applicable today, RebusFarm ensures every job is carried out in a satisfactory manner. Quality not only attracts but also leads to positive association. RebusFarm has made these two aspects their hallmark. The rendering service provided is reasonably charged, and all jobs are handled expeditiously ensuring fast turnaround for customers.

5000 CPUs to your desktop

Our extensive rendering capacity enables us to handle big projects. Our technology employed is compatible with all 3D applications. Your images and animations are handled by Xeon central processing units which translate into many cores. This technology reaches an impressive speed. Customers enjoy RebusFarm's guarantee of a faultless production workflow. The RebusFarm 2.0 Software, on the other hand, allows customers to assume complete control over your rendering service costs.

Leading rendering service technology

RebusFarm continuously upgrades its technology to conform to the latest trends in the field. The nodes typically make use of Xeon for processing purposes and come with many GB of RAM. Potential customers are offered free trial runs as a show of confidence in the company's rendering capacity. Some of the supported applications include Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya, Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk Softimage and Newtek Lightwave 3D. The operating system used by RebusFarm is Windows 7 (64 Bit).

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